Nanny Employment

You have a passion for children

And so do we! There is an undeniable bond that forms while caring for little ones and there is nothing comparable. Sure, caring for children can be hard work but we do it because we love it. We want to meet you if you know the joy that comes with caring for children.

No up-front fees to you

We take care of all of the screening costs. There is no charge to you when we place you with a Family. 

Fair & competitive compensation

No minimum wage here. We value your work as a Nanny and do not believe in a "one size fits all" pay rate, but rather a wage that is reflective of the work you do for your Family. We work hard on your behalf to negotiate a fair and competitive wage and employment terms. 

Nanny Referral and On-Call Bonuses

We offer bonuses to our Nannies for any referrals they make and short-notice shifts they work.  Ask about our Bonus Program and how you can become eligible today!

Ongoing support

We don't just match you with a Family and walk away. We are here for you offering guidance every step of the way.

Open door policy

Is something on your mind? Have an idea you would like to share? Just want to say hi? Call us. Email us. Text us. We love hearing from you!

We appreciate you!

We cannot offer exceptional childcare to the communities of West Michigan without YOU! We truly appreciate the work, effort, and care you put into our Families and their children. We know with the joy of caring for children comes challenges too. Every Family's needs are different and we value you taking the time to meet those needs and uphold an excellence of care. We have years of personal and professional experience caring for children and working with their parents ourselves and we appreciate what you do so much more because of that. We are happy to welcome each and every one of you to the West Michigan Nannies Family!


1I am interested in working with West Michigan Nannies. How can I apply?
We are always accepting applications for great nannies to team up with in providing exceptional care for families in our area. Families can contact us at anytime with childcare needs so it is a good idea to get your application in so you can be considered for new nanny positions that arise. To apply, click on "Apply Here" towards the top of this page to complete a job application with West Michigan Nannies. You will also need to email a current resume; directions for this will be included on the last page of the job application. You may also request a job application to fill out by hand.
2I completed the application. What's next?
Please be sure that you have also submitted a current resume as we must have one on file for every nanny candidate seeking a position with us. Applicants that have both completed our job application and have submitted their resume are given priority when scheduling interviews. If there is nanny position available that matches your availability as well as the family’s childcare needs, we will contact you to schedule an interview. We receive a high volume of applicants and always welcome you to reach out to us to introduce yourself and check on the status of your application.
3What qualities do you look for when hiring?
First and foremost, we are looking for individuals who are passionate about nannying and genuinely enjoy caring for children and making a difference in a family's day-to-day life. Being a nanny is not just a job, it is an extraordinarily important and meaningful role that requires a lot of love, patience, commitment, and dedication but is also remarkably rewarding and fulfilling. Reliability, showing up on-time (early!), and maintaining excellent attendance is crucial as families depend on you. We look for nannies that have a strong work ethic and are effective communicators. Nannies must also have a high degree of common sense and be exceptionally trustworthy and responsible with safety as the top priority. We value hardworking nannies who take initiative and tackle their responsibilities through a very proactive approach with the ability to anticipate needs before they arise and have a well-developed understanding of a managing a home and children of various ages and developmental needs. A sense of humor and a desire to have fun are absolutely required! We LOVE your creativity and ability to make things fun for little ones through playtime, educational activities, getting outside, and new adventures. Of course, flexibility is key because life with children can be unpredictable at times and they will rely on you to adapt and go with the flow. Being active, energized and organized is also key know! Our families appreciate a nanny that is able to easily form a connection with their children, has a kind, nurturing spirit, strong morals, and is self-motivated. We will share any specific wishes and family requirements at time of interview to ensure we are tuning into your strengths and making the best family-nanny match.
4Why work for West Michigan Nannies?
We are a local, small business that truly cares about our employees. We value the hard work and commitment you make and we appreciate your crucial role in our shared success in providing reliable, quality care for the families in our community. We encourage you to take a look at our employee testimonials and hope that you will find our nannies genuinely enjoy working with us. We work hard to ensure everyone is on the same page with care expectations. Is is our goal to make very meaningful, lasting matches for our nannies and families. There is absolutely no cost to you when you apply or are hired. We handle all of the screening and onboarding to get you vetted and ready to go!


  • Terri B. (East Grand Rapids, MI)
    Working for West Michigan Nannies has been a great experience for me! I'm not your typical college student nanny, I'm more like a grandma nanny. I bring years of experience with me...I have raised my children and now feel that I can share my parenting skills with my families. I have met so many nice people. I just love my little kiddos! Working for Karen and Kim has been great as well! They are very passionate about their business and the families that they provide nannies for. I am very fortunate to work for them and provide nanny services to the families of West Michigan.
    Terri B. (East Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Paige B. (Ada, MI)

    Being a nanny is one of the most special kinds of work there is - I believe that wholeheartedly. Especially when the nanny-family relationship feels like a match made in heaven. I love getting to know the kiddos and parents as a whole unit; finding clever ways to help their lives run more smoothly and joyfully. I get the opportunity to share my love and warmth, while also creating more space for quality family time. The personalized care I get to offer my family brings me a lot of fulfilment at the end of each day - sweet hugs and hand-drawn pictures from the littles help too!

    As someone who has served as a nanny for many years, words cannot express how much gratitude I have for West Michigan Nannies and their matchmaking magic. Not only did WMN help me find my perfect fit, Karen is an absolute dream to work with: everything from new-hire paperwork to helping me connect with my amazing family was easy. I have felt nothing but appreciation and kindness from both WMN and my family. The work I do is sweet. Honestly, it’s hard to even call it work, because of how much joy it brings me. If you are someone with lots of love and creativity to share, I highly recommend linking up with West Michigan Nannies to find your magical match.

    Paige B. (Ada, MI)
  • Jenna W. (Grand Rapids, MI)
    I have been working with West Michigan Nannies (WMN) for a little over a year now. This is truly one of the best companies I have worked for. We have been living through a pretty crazy time right now with Covid-19 and this company has been nothing but understanding. I found WMN while I was searching on Sittercity and Karen got in touch with me right away. I love working for them for many reasons but I am especially grateful for the way they handle our paychecks. We are in charge of sending our weekly hours in and after that, they take care of the paychecks and the taxes that need to be taken out. This has saved me a lot of stress but also helps out the family I work for as well. This is the first nanny company I have worked for and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! I highly recommend working with WMN whether you're a nanny looking for a job or a family looking for a nanny!
    Jenna W. (Grand Rapids, MI)

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